Gold Is For Queens!

    October 13, 2017

    What if I write the articles only half a year? For instance, only in summertime? This idea struck me after the temperatures went below 0 and with every jacket, pullover and blouse that I have to wear all at once from now until spring, I realize that I really hate the cold autumn … besides three things:

    1. The smaller the day – the longer the coffee
    2. Rainy days – greater photo – shoots
    3. Beige, gold, khaki and black – the autumn colors = my colors

    This combination is chic and elegant, yet has a ‘street’ quality too so it also looks great with a pair of leather boots like mine but you can try some other ankle boots or even UGG’s or rubber boots. It’s a mix of colours that can be trans-seasonal, so it will work hard in your wardrobe all year round. I got my inspiration from the first day of autumn and what I like the most is that every piece I chose is so cozy and comfortable.

    Even the simple addition of a pair of golden trousers will bring your wardrobe into the here and now. In fact, it just so happens to the most flattering colour on all skin tones, so it’s a win-win and even if it doesn’t seem so, you will have to trust me on this – gold, it’s an easy wearable colour. In this combo, it acts as a blank canvas that can be worn head-to-toe, with other shades of nude. I love this colour as it can also be worn to suit all styles. I know they look like leggings but they are actually trousers with high waist that in normal conditions I don’t like so much but because of the shape of the blouse it doesn’t disturb me.I played a bit with the proportions … I am not sure if I managed them correctly, but I have to say that I enjoy the complete view of the outfit.I had recently a sneak peek at the pre-fall collection for Celine where this colours appeared again. Those wanting to tap into a bigger trend should start wearing golden shades now and be ahead of the game! ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Kiss you



    Jacket: Zara, really beautiful worm beige and soft leather,

    Blouse: online Asos it is just a basic piece, nothing special,

    Trousers: also from Asos and I love them because paradoxical even if they are so shiny and tight, ย they make the legs seem even more skinnier,

    Shoes: I ordered them over a sketch that I drew some years ago and I have to say that this hill is very comfortable. You can find something similar hereย .

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