Beautiful Scarves !

    February 21, 2018

    Five years ago in Berlin, was the time I met Carolina and I felt immediately that kind of chemistry or as I like to call it “ the fashion chemistry”- that special connection that you have with someone when you share the same taste in fabrics, colors and shapes. She is very easy- going, sociable as I am, funny, talented in her work and by the time I met her, she was designing and producing leather handbags, but since 2015 she has added some new items to her business – scarves and home & living products. Her company is called VacaVaca which in my language is translated Cowcow. My first question was if she knew what it meant in Romanian. To my surprise she laughed telling me that she knew the meaning because she has a Romanian friend who already told her that. I consider the name of the brand pretty cool both in German and in Romanian J but what I loved even the most were the products. Really amazing scarves made by all kinds of fabrics in beautiful, strong colors. What can I say about this Blondie? She really has the feeling when it comes to scarves: silk, cashmere, cotton – you name it, she transforms the square piece of the fabric into a spectacular accessory.

    I  can’t hardly wait to integrate one of her products in my outfits, I have to decide for the perfect color match, but I’m sure I will manage to expose the maximum of it! You have to check the online shop and you need to be Vaca Vaca this season!


    Kiss you!



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