My Favourite Lipstick Christian Louboutin!

    September 22, 2017

    Every time I watch a good movie it becomes my favourite movie … I have the most gorgeous coat until I buy another one that becomes my favourite. I change my mind often and attributes like “the most”, “the greatest”, “the mother f#@ing perfect” item can change from one day to another, from one season to the next – maybe this is where the creativity comes on and on, as I can’t rely only in one product, trend or concept. Regarding this, remember when I told you that Lady Danger MAC Lipstik was my favourite red? Well make way ladies and gentlemen for the “new favourite”: Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lup Color.

    WOW!!! this is all I have to say. It wasn’t made to be put in the handbag, but to be worn as a catchy accessory – as a necklace with a beautiful design. Have you seen “White cat, Black cat” directed by Emil Kusturita? Remember how they had the powder in that big medallion cross? Well with your necklace you can definitely “hide” your beauty routine and be trendy in the same time


    Kiss you,


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