Just Walking On The Streets!!

    March 16, 2018

    No More Stories! Only Facts!

    If you follow my blog you already know that I am a big fan of asos.de

    The artificial fur coat I wear as well as the imitation leather trousers are from asos.. what a surprise…ahahahahha

    The coat is very warm and the quality is very good. Especially if we relate to quality / price The price is 88 euro a very fair price, or? If you come to their site you will find a huge variety of such artificial fur coats and because the cold season has passed their price will be even more attractive .

    About the pants, I do not really know what to say but they are incredibly comfortable and their quality is very good. If they are beautiful or not, stays at everyone’s appreciation.

    The t-shirt is from stradivarius, I know it’s not the most beautiful or special T-shirt but I like it a lot and I’ve seen it in this combination. Even if it is washed many times the print on the shirt has remained impeccable. For the price of 10 euros I can only say that I made a good deal

    The belts are from ba-98.com. I love the quality of these products. If you get on their site you will find a wide variety of products, very fresh patterns and of course totally in trend

    About my shoes you probably notice they are not the latest model, but if you like them, you can find something similar here

    Sunglasses are a nice pice from Gucci


    Kiss You,


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