Love Leather!

    January 16, 2018

    I like to surf a lot but, not on the big Miami waves, rather on the Internet looking for all kinds of merchandise especially clothes and accessories.I am sure that in an online store it is very difficult to get the same quality of service like at a physical retailer and of course, you lose the tactile experience, plus the feeling of searching for the best shops in cities like Köln, Lișboa, New York or my favorite – Hong Kong, but there are e-shops that have managed to bring the shopping experience to the highest level.What makes me push the “Add to Cart” button is the good image of the product, the best price and nevertheless, the sellers approach.Every now and then, I have more questions about the product that I’m buying and it is important if I can contact someone right away, getting the answers I need. This is how I “met” online 🙂 Christina, while looking for some cool leather accessories that I needed for my Oktoberfest outfit. You know by now that I have an obsession with all kinds of leather pieces and so, I found out that I had something in common with this really nice person, we both: “Love Leather“. This is actually the name of this brand that she created in 2015. I loved the attitude regarding the products and the fact that the team consists of three people and you can tell that they are young by looking at the products so cool, avantgardistic and unique. Besides this, the quality is impeccable and everything is a 100% manually made. I asked Christina how can they manage to compete with the huge China market and the low range of prices for the leather items and the answer was easy: people care more and more about the quality than the price! I admire their work and the fact that once in a while they come up with new ideas like for instance they are preparing the new collection for the next year, with broidered leather and custom made leather pieces … can’t wait!The legs accessory is their 2017s best seller and one of my favorites!



    Kiss you,




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