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    My Fifty Shades Of Grey …

    August 11, 2017


    It has been in my wardrobe for eight years, I bought this dress for the fabric – light and smooth silk – even if it‘s too classy for me, I was sure that I will wear it sometime at least once … well that didn’t happen as I planned because I never found the right occasion to put it on.While preparing the outfits for this shooting, I came across once again, with my grey dress. I still wasn’t sure that I was going to wear it because of its length which doesn’t do me any justice , but this summer, I bought a pair of overknee shoes and I said „what the hell … they look perfectly together!“. Posing outside, I realized that the length wasn’t the only problem, the dress is taking some wired volumes when it’s windy.I have all kinds of overknee shoes, sandals, boots, but I consider them evening wears. The thing that I like about those ones in particular, is that I can wear them during the day, they are not fancy even if they look cool and very suitable for all kinds of outfits: dresses, skirts, short-jeans … the colour is so discreet and natural and the fabric is soft and thin – I wear them even if it is hot outside. I like this shades of grey!

    Kiss you!


    Regarding the products:

    Shoes: Public Desire, I forgot to say that they are extremely comfortable

    Sunglasses: Gucci

    Dress: it is in the garbage now so what is the point of telling you more about it? I won’t say anything about the well-known brand – shit happens – everybody makes mistakes even Zara UPSSS – try to pay attention when you buy silk, be sure to wear it when the wind doesn’t blow and the length is proper 😉


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