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    It Is Not a Car, It Is Not a Drees, It Is Not a Bird … What Is It???

    August 17, 2017


    Noahhh this is the moment when I regret I don’t have an extra button on my blog called “Love” – of course there is such a nice story about it, that I almost feel sorry posting this on the Stuff category.

    I don’t know about you, but me, I am really enthusiastic about gifts: both to receive or to give them, but for sure more about the receiving part …ahahah. So, while waiting for my birthday is when I go really crazy, like a couple of weeks before, and I am also driving everybody else crazy, especially my Love. First, I try to figure out by myself what will be my present from him (he makes the coolest presents ever!), trying to find clues, asking our friends if whether somebody knows anything about what I am going to get. It is pretty much like waiting for Santa, even worse. At last, I start asking him …please give me a clue, a hint, something pleassssssseeeee.

    He tells me this year: “It is round, you can share it and it is red, white and black.”

    And I am like…you’re sure instead of the black it isn’t dark blue? (Already thinking at Tommy Hilfinger). He assures me once again, that it is red, white and black – there is nothing else for me to do than to wait for my birthday.

    Only when I saw it I understood why he told me that I can share it and the colours were accurate – no mistake about that, no Tommy for God sakes.

    It was a beautiful package of bonbons, a cute box with my photo printed and a message on every single bonbon with my face on them – you can say I am eatable now :))) OMG I didn’t even know that you can make something like this on such small bonbons, well, M&M can do it! Loved my 2017’s birthday present and the reason why I am writing about this is because I thought that the idea is cool and you can print on them, whatever you like in any colour for all kinds of special events.

    You can check their website.

    Hope I gave you a nice tip for the next beautiful surprise for that special “one” in your life ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kiss you ,



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