The Pink Dress

June 12, 2017

It got me a lot of thinking whether to post this outfit or not, just because I’m not sure it represents me / my fashion taste /my taste in fashion. This pink dress … I have it since three years ago, it was made in the tailor shop that I owned at that time – a small business that I was very fond of. Even if today I find it a bit kitschy somehow with the right accessories it looks damn actual … a reminder that even the most weirdest or oldest garments can be refreshed and they can have a long life in fashion. Whether it is the sandals or the white belt, this outfit was saved somehow – I transformed it into something „right“.

There is not much to say about the accessories: the sandals, got them as a present from my mom who bought them from Bulgaria so I don‘t know anything about them except that they are fucking comfortable. What can I say about the bag? Well the bag I found it on – there are lots of nice things there – and YES it is a bag not a wallet … or something in between.

Kiss You,


The truth about the products:

Dress: comfortable and easy to wear

Shoes: as I told you before, they are perfect, simply love them (find something similar here )

Bag: even if it is small is very spacious … as good as it gets – pay less, get more! ( is no longer in their collection but you can find some really cool stuff here

Corset : is from Zara (find it here )




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