Would You Ever Wear Them?

June 29, 2017

It is a fact that we spend a lot of money on shoes, all kinds of shoes, especially the ones that look nice, fancy, trendy, the ones which make us look taller – our shoes have to be specially made, coutured and we don’t give a shit if they break our feet, if they are uncomfortable as hell, we just wear them because they look good! Isn’t that so?

Yep, this is really crazy … Hood By Air’s Spring 2017 collection pushed a new footwear idea to the edge: double-faced cowboy boots! I choose two photos for you guys, just in case the red ones will not convince you definitely the yellow ones will … and now is the proper time to use my favourite expressions … WTF & OMG! We all have to agree that sometimes fashion „walks to far“.


Kiss you!


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