When Is It Time To Cheat On Dior With Givenchy?

    August 20, 2018


    I am still happy with my Dior bb cream but I heard from the beauty experts that is good to change the products for the face at least every 6 months, because the skin is getting used to it.

    So again I started to search for something fitting with my skin and I found this Hydra Sparkling BB Creme by Givenchy.

    About the price i can say that it is similar with the Dior one. What I love about it is that I have the feeling that it is even more creamy, the only problem is that the light colour is still too dark for my skin…I mean is not a problem in the summer but for winter, for sure i will go back to my Dior.

    So if you want something easy you just have to try it!

    Kiss you,




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