Black Parka!

    January 15, 2019

    I’ve been hunting this parka for some time but I couldn’t decide which color to choose so I finally bought it in black. It’s incredibly warm, so now you can understand why I wear this tiny short dress in the middle of January.
    About the dress (I can swear it was longer before the first wash)
    I bought it from Mallorca but this style can also be found everywhere starting with Zara, TopShop, Stradivarius, Asos, PreettyLittleThing and the list can continue. So… in a season where the leopard print “has the power”, I picked the snake one…yap I do it my way!

    And because I do it my way, I’ll leave the product link below and I’ll keep walking along Ruse’s downtown.
    Kiss you,


    Little bag-here

    Over-the-Knee Boots-here




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