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    Welcome March!

    Because we are in March, we are officially in the spring season even though the gloves and scarf do not really tell much about this time of the year … hahahah

    This is what a beautiful spring day looks like in Ruse.

    Ok…I’ve finished with the weather forecast, so I’ll tell you about what I am wearing.

    Pants are from Bershka and even though they’re not 100% my style, I bought them firstly for their color and secondly because I liked the material. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

    The jacket is from Replay and even if its leather is padded, it’s actually warm enough.

    T-shirt is from Stradivarius

    Boots are from Replay.

    Bag find something similar here

    Gloves and scarf find something similar here

    Kiss you


    P.S for all the ladies, I wish you a beautiful sunny spring and a beautiful party on the 8th of March!

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