5 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Hamburg!

1.More bridges than Venice and Amsterdam

Hamburg has more than 2,300 bridges – a greater number than Venice and Amsterdam combined.


2.14% of Hamburg is green

14% of the Hamburg city area is made up of green spaces and recreational areas.


3.Two Lakes

In the middle of Hamburg there are two lakes formed by the River Alster, a tributary of the Elbe. The lakes are popular for water-sports and are surrounded by park-lands, restaurants and promenades.


4.Biggest Japanese garden in Europe

Landscaped in 1988, the Japanese garden is part of the extensive plants and flowers park near the Hamburg conference and exhibition center. The park is a popular place for city residents to relax in the summer.


5.The first zoo with no cages

Tierpark Hagenbeck in the Stellingen district, founded in 1907, has open enclosures surrounded by moats rather than cages, so visitors can see animals in more natural environments.

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