AliExpress Lover!

I think most people don’t have a good opinion about AliExpress – bad quality, long delivery time ….bla bla
I belong to the category of people who are trying and trying and in the end, I actually had some good experiences.
I managed to find some good shops on this platform, for example the one from where I bought the trousers that I love. They came in the right size and have a great quality and It was also the first time I ordered trousers on AliExpress.
Normally they were supposed to be short and to not fit my waistline but I have also found this trousers in a Romanian online-shop and they were 5 times more expensive so I decided to get them directly from the “source”.
I will leave the link below but the only thing you should know is that I ordered one size bigger then I usually wear.

Kiss you


Shoes: Zara

Trousers: here

Backpack: Guess

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