All You Have To Do Is Brush Your Hair !

June 19, 2017

All you have to do is brush your hair — Hair Coach does the rest!

Here we are with really good news!!! Meet the world’s first-ever smart hairbrush, the Kérastase Hair Coach – a new age tool that looks set to take our hair care needs to new heights. As soon as a person starts to brush their hair, the battery-powered brush starts to collect data. An inbuilt microphone is adjusted to listen to the sound of the brushing and to identify patterns in the movement. The microphone detects „manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage”.. The data collected by the sensors is transferred over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the brush’s mobile app. The app combines the data with weather reports, such as humidity and temperature. By processing the data, the mobile app is able to create a „personalised care routine” and lets people follow the quality of their hair over time.

THIS IS AMAIZING ….. in Romania will be available at the end of the year…yupiiiiii

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