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Maybe it looks like Wikipedia but let`s be serious … when you talk about Amsterdam the interesting parts are the figures. Every town has prostitutes, they sell drugs everywhere…i don’t know but i heard about it..ahahaha…every town has bicycles…but check out what facts I’ve found on the internet.

If you land at Amsterdam’s airport (Schiphol), remember that you are 4 meters below sea level. Actually, if there weren’t any dikes, about a quarter of the Netherlands would disappear into the North Sea.

By some estimates, Amsterdam has more bikes (1 million) than people (about 750,000). There are twice as many bikes as cars in the country.

Amsterdam has no less than 165 canals and 1,281 bridges, earning the city the reputation of ‘Venice of the North’. There are also 2,500 house boats (boats with a fixed place in one of the canals that are used as permanent houses).

Amsterdam has one of the most famous Red Light Districts in the world with window prostitution. There are almost 500 such windows in Amsterdam, next to brothels etc. Daily, about 1,000 prostitutes are working in Amsterdam and in a given year, the city sees about 8,000 different prostitutes.

There are over 200 ‘coffee shops’ in Amsterdam where you are allowed to buy up to 5 grams of cannabis (marihuana or hash). Since the 1970s, buying of cannabis has been decriminalized. Five grams, by the way, is enough to stay sky high for several days. Most other drugs are banned, however.

In 2008, a tobacco smoking ban was introduced in Dutch cafes and restaurants, but you are still allowed to smoke marihuana and hash in Dutch coffee shops – if only you don’t mix it with regular tobacco… That’s bad for you, you see..

Amsterdam was the first capital to allow gay marriage (the Netherlands allow this since 2001). Regular marriages, with all rights and obligations, are now possible for gay and lesbian couples as well.

This Amsterdam is amazing, right?

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