An Old Handbag From Louis Vuitton , The Kind Of Piece That Is Timeless!

Only at the end of the shooting…actually only when I got the pictures I realized that in all the photos my handbag…that should have been the master piece in this outfit is turned, and i have no photo with it with the face. F*@king shit i told to my safe but really i just couldn’t repeat the shooting so i will present it like this and i promise that i will use this handbag in another outfit. So about the bag is no need to talk now because anyway you can’t really see it, so i start with the boots (hahahaahah what a surprise) Even i am crazy about shoes about this ones i have to say i am not so proud .They are not comfortable and i also manage to f*@k them because i was wearing them in a shooting on the beach in the Dominican Republic (i will come up also with this post) The denim shirt is a basic from h&m the same as the dress what i am wearing under it. So because i f*@ked up the story with the bag …about it i wanted to talk, looks like i don’t have much to tell you more about the outfit.


Shoes – i bout them on amazon but in the meantime you can find them nearly everywhere

Dress & skirt H&M – perfect pieces to have in our wardrobe

Bag – ooooo is an old style from Louis Vuitton , the kind of piece what is timeless

Kiss you,


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