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From the moment I got it, after I ordered it online, I knew that this overall must appear on my blog. I have to say that I adore this overall! Basically, it is very comfortable even though this does not matter a lot to me when it comes to a piece of clothing that I like, but of course if it’s beautiful and comfortable, it’s perfect. I like the print that seems to be done manually.

The boots I have since last year and I have never wore them until now, because I thought they are very uncomfortable, but to my surprise, they are very convenient even though the hill is 10 cm tall.

The handbag…oh my God! This is my favorite piece at this moment. The leather has an exceptional quality and is super soft. Normally whenever I see a big bag I think at first if it’s heavy, but I liked the design so much that I took the risk when I ordered it online and to my joy, is actually light.

Hope you like it!

Kiss you,



Overall: deependent

Boots: find something similar here

Handbag: exclusivejeans

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