Beauty Boutique By Florentina Karacsony!

I had the pleasure to be invited to the opening of Beauty Boutique. This place is so cozy that in the moment you enter, you feel like home!

Florentina Karacsony is the owner of this magic place. I am really proud of what she did and I love the products that she is working with, more exactly cosmetics from Dr. Kadir.

Aaaaaa I forgot to tell you what is happening at Beauty Boutique! Here you can get top face treatments. And when I say face treatments I mean like everything what you can imagine  for your skin, you can do here.

Before you go to an esthetician you should come here first, and you will see that some things you can solve without a needle.

I am not qualified to talk about the procedures but if you want to know more, just contact Flore (this is how I like to call her) and she will tell you more!


P.S you can also get an amazing make up for what ever you need it…weddings, shootings or just to look gorges!

Kiss you



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