This “Boots” Are Made For Walking!!

I know, I know, I have a lot of shoes and I speak about them a lot – I really have to stop using this word „a lot“ when it comes to shoes … I just have to stop throwing around words like “too many,” “a lot” because can you ever really have too many shoes?I am not embarrassed about my shoe obsession that goes as far as reaching the point that if I have an idea about a pair of shoes which I can’t find on the market, I create them myself and then produce them manually. The same I did with this sandal – fringy – boots – you name them . However, the only thing that is not crazy about them is the color … I made them at Tosi Shoes where I have ordered several pairs: all of them were different, from model, type, to fabric – it was hard to explain the details that I wanted, the dimensions, the thickness of the material, but somehow they got it. Even if I also like to buy them directly from shops or online, it is always fun to design them and to be part of all the production phases. Applause’s for the people who work there, they are gifted with patience first of all , and they are incredible professionals as they understand even the strangest ideas – or at least they try to. This is a good option that I recommend because they always have nice fabrics and shoe accessories on stock, all kinds of leathers and they do take talent at the next level.Regarding the short arm sweatshirt that I am wearing as a dress, it’s actually a man’s piece, but really, can you tell? Try this: when you go shopping give it five minutes in the man department, or even better I suggest stealing from that special someone in your life immediately, this is a genius tip for how to pull off a great outfit. Single at the moment, or out of luck for whatever reason, after “shopping” your boyfriend’s closet you will get that menswear-inspired look everybody is looking for. I “borrow” from my husband tuxedos, shirts, sweaters even accessories – he has great style and I don’t spend a fortune on them – it means more money to buy shoes ahahahahah. Read more: in the drawer of your partner. The watch necklace, for those who pay attention to details … such a nice ass, that you want to look at it all the time no matter how early or late you are.

Kiss you,



Regarding the products:

Sweatshirt: Stradivarius, it is OK but maybe a bit too tight and the cotton is not expandable – it’s not such a cool fabric for a really hot day.

Shoes: I will give you the contact here

Bag: my over-cross bag which I have from BeltArt, I love the color and how it matches the inline oriented thumbtacks and the perfect dimension, not too big, not too small, just perfect if you are over 1,70 cm.

Watch Necklace: I got it as a present and I don’t know the brand or where to suggest you’ll find it, but it is so cool, right?

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  • Reply reka October 13, 2017 at 11:22 am

    love the watch …so sorry you don’t tell us the brand

  • Reply raluca October 13, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Reka i am sorry :-((

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