Can You Fake Original Crap?

When I put together this outfit I send a photo to one of my girlfriends Anemona to ask for her opinion. She is my brutally honest friend I always trust that she will tell me straight up, with no embellishments, the truth and not what I want to hear, no matter how difficult. Sometimes, hearing the truth is really, really hard, in situations that are more delicate…However, I ask what she thinks of something, sometimes simply because I know she will tell me her honest opinion in a way of speaking that makes me laugh, I can’t get mad at her. My brutally honest friend, cares more about my well-being than other friends I used to have that gave me the impression of sisterhood while stabbing me in the  back. So my advice is that you need someone in your immediate life who isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings because, let’s be honest, people in the real world won’t hesitate to tell you like it is. So, I sent her some pics with the white dress, which is actually a shirt – I do this often switching the use of different pieces of garment and if they look OK I don’t give a f#@k, it is not too short, right? And it is not like I go to church dressed like that . In the pics there were also the shoes a real eyechatcher with a fantastic design combining different types of leather, but I didn’t have at that time the accessories.

So, I have the shooting, the pics ready to be uploaded to the blog and I sent her the final photos to see what she will argue this time and I was 100% that she will say something about the earings but instead : „what the f#@k did you do with that stupid, fake bag? Haven’t you been outside the house to see that every bimbo has that fake, that it isn’t that cool even original, what can you expect from a crap? If you intended to ruin the whole outfit, congrats: YOU DID“! Better or worse, I still presented to you guys and I am expecting your real opinions:

So how is it, do you like the outfit?

Kiss you


Regarding the products:

Shoes: they are from Kharma Of Charme and if you like the style i can only tell you that quality is incredible I can wear them for hours, and hours …

Shirt: Albamoda – it is an online shop that is not definitely my taste, but somehow I always find several pieces to purchase.

The R earings: I bought them from Italy from a street fair for fun, I started to like them a lot. Find something similar here

Bagpack: Aliexpress, I usually don’t buy copies, or fakes, but sometimes I don’t need to have a product highly manufactured if I decide to wear it like two times. I am not a hypocrite and I admit that this was an honest „mistake“ and only not to hear Anemona shouting again this was my first and my last fake! WORD! (i nearly promise this to me…aahahahaah)



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