Christmas With My Girls!!

Ho, ho, ho or ohh, ohh, ohh?

Either way it was hard to find the right post for Christmas. Of course I could have done “the top 10 gifts” or a shooting with Santa or take some pictures by the Christmas tree in a beautiful, elegant dress … it was all done before so many times, so I thought why not invite my girlfriends to a nice fancy dinner and an “undercover shooting” :)?  After all, Christmas is about sharing the joy with the loved ones, spending quality time with friends and family. So, I called all my girls to meet at my place, but I didn’t tell them that I was planning to make a shooting with them  … why? … how could I hook up 5 ladies to get ready for a shooting in a certain day, at a certain hour? …it would have been 2018 and they would not have been ready yet!  Not to appear  overdress, me as a stuffed peacock – them in casual street or office wear, I decided to grab a pullover and just wait for them dressed like that – just a bit Christmasy, right? I added some red long socks, better!  When they arrived at my place and saw my love with the camera in the hand they were like „why not pictures with the phone“? „What is happening here“? :)) The deal was that were only making some pictures for us as we wanted to have a good quality memories from this Christmas – no idea that they will be on my blog was mentioned 🙂


Being about them and our special evening let me introduce each of them in a few words:


Raluca-Diana: the one with the long brown hair  and the biggest smile is my Godmother and friend since we wore 6 years old. I love her so much because she has such a good energy and she is always in a good mood. The most optimistic person I have ever met in my life!


Andreea: the beauty with glasses. She’s not yet a mother, but she has a “child” called Toby, a bichon havanese, who keeps her much more busier than if she had twins. We meet like 8 years ago and we directly had a nice connection. I love her!


Flore: the one with long black hair and the thinner, the most fragile of us – she is the right description of the saying “silent water is deep”, she looks so innocent and quiet, but what lies underneath is a total mystery. She is surprising and when you expect the less she shows some character. We also know each other since 7 years ago and what I like about her is that I never know what she is going to do next!


Anemona: the one with ombre blond hair and dark colored lipstick, is Anemona that girl which I have already talked about in my blog, the one who told me that I look like a bimbo with the Chanel backpack :)) So, I don’t need to tell you that I love her for her honesty, and also that she is one of the most funniest persons I have ever met. I love her and her humor!


The one with the blond hair and the green blouse is Cristina. We have the same taste  in garments, we like the same outfits and accessories and we are almost the same size – how not to have a perfect connection? J. Seriously, she is that kind of person you can trust 100% if you tell her something, you can be sure that your secret is safe with her. I love her for this and 100 reasons more!


This are my girls… Love you all!


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  • Reply Sasha January 15, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    grate team! Can I come too 🙂

  • Reply raluca February 27, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Sasha Sasha…. 🙂

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