I know that the exact time in fashion is given at New York, Milan or Paris, but did you know that one of the most important retail exhibitions is held in Berlin? Each summer, here is where I find about the new trends for the year to come and where I have the opportunity to meet the ones that have a „word“ to say about the worldwide trends. I admire these people and their very much regardless style … you see them relaxed and comfortable, chill and simply dressed not in those boring suits … this is in my opinion the translation of the #doitlikeaboss hashtag .My preparations begin two weeks in advance for this event: I think of many, many outfits, in all kinds of combinations regarding also the possibility of rain or sunny weather, elegant evening or cocktail outfits and also all day casual ones, all with the matching accessories – don’t you do the same when you prepare for a special event?  Trust me you would too, if you were about to meet the owners of brands like: Dsquared, Guess, Desigual, Suri Frey,Desiderius,and list can continue.The accessories are always an adventure because for me they are so important and the shoes … you know this is my weak point – sometimes I bring sandals with me even if it doesn’t get warmer than 15° – but this is summer in Berlin, now is sunny and like in five minutes it gets windy and cold – trust me the capricious weather in London is overestimated in comparison to Berlin.

Day one: the green dress that bought from Asos (only 15 euro I paid for it) I saw the perfect match with the sandals also from Asos, what I love about them is that the flowers are giving you that 3D effect because they are embroidered and not printed on the fabric. I like the items that I find on this online shop, there are such cool pieces and really conffordable.

Day two: the white jacket is from Zara, T-shirt dress you can find it even in bigger sizes,this is why I love Asos it is really for everyone! Sandals from H&M and very comfy even after eight hours of wearing them, tights Topshop bought them from one of their shops in New York. However, the main attraction of the outfit was the earrings . I decided to wear two different pairs of earrings in the same outfit to get a general impression regarding them. The first was the white orchid from Nympha or as they call it The flower on ice ,so delicate and light and with a touch of glamour, they were so praised and admired by everyone. The same I can say about Trialfa Pearl earrings , those were like a revelation, a real eye-cathcer, whoever passed by me was so curious to touch them and to know whether they are heavy or not – being oversized they get a bit heavy after a few hours, but is not something you can‘t handle. There are four colors available for the pearl earrings which you won’t find in the online shop, but only on their facebook official page you have the link here:

Day three: H&M dress (the fabric is electrifying so in this case I will give you a very old tip: apply some Hairspray on and it will solve the issue) with a pair of Zara sandals ,not recommended to be worn for more than four hours. The tights are from Gatta , good quality, but not in many skin shades to choose from, I consider this one a bit too dark for my skin.


Regarding the belts that I am wearing all the times – remember it is my favourite accessory – you have already figured out where I am, right?

Kiss you,


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  • Reply sorina October 1, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    where I find the green dress? for 15 euro looks great

    • Reply raluca February 1, 2018 at 1:06 pm :))

  • Reply Adel_72 October 3, 2017 at 9:25 am

    me i like the shoes,all of them !!

    • Reply raluca February 1, 2018 at 1:07 pm

      thank you!

  • Reply Panorama Berlin And Fashion Week! – Raluca Schneider February 1, 2018 at 6:04 am

    […] Twice a year I go to the Panorama Berlin to check the new trends. This year the event took place in January. About what is going on at the Panorama I have told you in the article Do It LIKE A BOSS. […]

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