In The End There Were Some Friends And … Dior


Lucky you if you don’t have that type of dry skin that nothing works on it! Well, I do and it has been an amazing disappointing adventure to find a good foundation. I can’t say that I have tried everything but each time when I thought that I have found the right product, after three months the results were not that good anymore. I am not a professional make-up artist nor a cosmetician, I don’t know if you need to change the foundation and how often, but with my skin type if I had to do this all the f#&!ng times I would have gone crazy.

Men they don’t understand why we girls need to talk this much to each other on the phone, over coffee, „We’ll come by your place for five minutes“ – and my girlfriends leave after 10 hours J – good ideas come out of this small chit-chats! This is how I got the idea from them, to try using a BB cream – never thought of this before by myself, a very good idea I might add!

So, I started my journey through the area of BB creams, tried like 10 different brands and stopped at Dior Hydra Life BB cream – AMAZING! It has such a nice texture and with power of correction it uniforms the skin and has coverage for 12 hours – the tan looks the same from morning until evening.

For the ones with dry skin I suggest you try it, you will definitely love it!

Kiss you,


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