May 2, 2017

Guess what? It was truly an adventure trying to create something for this blog, seemed to me when it was just an idea that it will be easier … well it ain’t. I wanted to begin this whole thing like two weeks ago, but I needed the photos so I planned everything, and when we were ready it stared to snow just like on a fine Christmas day. Had to cancel everything and take care of the flu that came all over me: teary eyes, stuffy nose, headache, and sore throat – details, I don’t want to bore you with. By the time I was feeling better the weather got also better but it was too hot for the clothes I’ve picked for the shoot. “Fuck, this is it I’m going to finish this first shooting even if there will be 30° outside!!! And here I am confused again whether I choose this outfit for my first post or I choose another … lucky for me that I find really cool this part of the year when you can wear boots without tights underneath”.

The truth about the products:

This black dress I found it is a bit too short for me – or is because I have too long legs whatever – but it looks cool only from the front. It is made out of a transparent fabric and you need to be careful of what you’ll be wearing underneath.

The jacket – be prepared to see it often in my posts – it is one of my favorite pieces(an old piece) find something similar here

The over-knee boots, can’t remember in which year I bought them, they aren’t new. Stop wondering why I got dressed with something for the first pics that it isn’t new! Simple answer: here I was in the basement searching for something else, when I saw them, picked them up, put them on my feet and made the photos. Love them anyway, so get over it! (find something similar here  )

The hat comes in one size only – so it is probably a bit large or it’s my head too small

The sun glasses … well they have a particular story but maybe I will reveal it in another post.

Kiss You,


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  • Reply andrei July 13, 2017 at 11:41 am

    this is hot

  • Reply raluca October 13, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    thank you!

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