Once You Go Black,You Never Go Back!

My wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a black jeans jacket. I always opt for that classic style and shape as these will do better in the long run in terms of styling and versatility. I am not a billionaire to change each season the whole wardrobe and that’s why when I choose something to wear, I prefer to use it several times even if the year’s trends says otherwise. This outfit is kinda what represents me and my own style – don’t get me wrong, I love all the outfits that choose to post, but like everyone else I have that “special something” that I will choose over any pink dress or glamour deux pieces – the all black outfit. l consider it a classic. It has that certain amount of arrogance and confidence all at the same time. However, many, fear dressing dark colors for the fear of looking gothic or like you’re in mourning, but I’m here to change that with this easy combination of simple pieces and over accessorised like with half a kilo of metal J … Ohh yes, that’s me baby!The tights bought them from New York, but you can find them in any shop and the t-shirt dress is from Boohoo. Notice that I pass quickly from them to my shoes because I have to make a proper introduction: they are my babies. I love their diamond heal ,and everything about them, the shape and the fact that they are loose on the leg, not to mention that they are really an eye catcher and they bring two different reactions: you either love them or hate them. However, because I don’t have time for haters, I would say let’s concentrate on the once who love them – see below the specifications.For sure it takes a certain level of confidence to do an all black outfit, but once you’ve cracked it, you’ll be wearing them with confidence no matter what the season!

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Regarding the products:

Jacket: Zara, and even if I like how it looks I have to say that I am  disappointed by the quality. First of all it is very heavy, and then the big surprise comes when you wash it (I never wear new things before I wash them because during my stay in China I got to see how many chemicals they put on them. And that is not all + the three months transport on the ship … I can only advise you to start doing the same). When I took out the jacket from the washing machine I was astonished by how much color it came out of it, I could have painted the whole Empire State Building with that :-))

Belt: Accenti – wonderful and a totally “must have”,

Dress: Boohoo, nothing special to say about it,

Shoes: Irregular Choise – a British brand where every shoe tells a “story”

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