Denim Will Never Go Out Of Fashion!

I think denim will never go out of fashion. More accurately, I really hope it’ll never go out of fashion. The truth is that I do not really care whether or not it is IN as long as I love it!

In today’s post I want to show you how well you can combine something new with something old. I believe you can see that the boots are not directly from the latest replay collection, more exactly they are 10 years old.

I do not want to encourage anyone to keep old things thinking that they will return in trend in some years, but there are definitely things that you deserve to keep, or pieces that you just do not want to break up with – it’s also fine.

The idea is to wear what you like and what suits you!

P.S I took advantage of this wonderful autumn day in Germany and I made these pictures that I hope you will enjoy.

Kiss you,


Denim dress: Noisy May

Shoes: Replay

Cap: Bershka

Envelope bag:Here

Belt: Stradivarius

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