Borgo Giusto Albergo Diffuso!

From the moment we parked the car I fell in love with this please! It was amazing, beautiful, like a piece of heaven somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
The room was excellent, the swimming pool was perfect, amazing view, everything you could wish for in a romantic trip with your baby!

But the food…OMG …so bad!

I cannot believe that I am writing about the worst kitchen in Italy!
I am a fan of pasta and everything what Italian kitchen has to offer but I have to say, such bad food I don’t remember eating, not even in the most stupid fast food!
You know, it’s a slang saying that you firstly eat with your eyes and then with the mouth…what can I say, plating was non-existent and this was not even the biggest problem, but taste was alsocompletely absent.
I could not imagine that somebody (I can’t even call him a cook) can fu@k up some pasta or bruschetta like this.
Anyway…if you come here, you have to know this.
In spite all this, we still had a wonderful time and chose to eat somewhere else.
I’ll just leave you some photos from this piece of heaven here.

Kiss you,


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