Let The Guns Down,Bring The Army Only In Fashion!

Somehow this army print is endless and even if it is not IN every year, it comes back once in a while. I am not such a big fan of this camouflage trend and that’s why I never bought army clothes because I imagined that they will have a short life in fashion and I didn’t want to be so ” last season”. I totally changed my opinion when my Love bought me this pair of trousers which you can see in the photos. I was so surprised that they fit me so good, I adore them since then and it doesn’t matter where the trend goes each year, they will be so IN for me. This trousers got me so many compliments, each time I wore them whatever the combination was, people told me how good they look on me and how cool they are, which made me think what a great taste my Love has hahaha A better story comes yet with the purse, which is a prototype that I designed myself during my stay in China, more exactly in Wenzhou. I started from the idea that I wanted something extravagant both with fringes and spikes, big enough to fit my needs and also to match my outfits. Too bad it was not produced in large quantities because maybe it was too fancy for that time (I made this design about 5 years ago).


Kiss you



About the products:

Trousers – Replay, one of my favorite brands, really comfortable and easy to wear both in sport or smart-casual outfits,(find something similar here)

T-shirt –H&M it is a basic piece with a very reasonable cost, a must have in every wardrobe

Cap & earnings – also H&M

Bag – my own design … love it from China and back

Shoes-I have them from Buffalo and even though their hills are 12 cm high they can be comfortable for about 3 hours-that is my comfort zone

Bracelets & rings – bought them as a set from men category in small size they are a perfect fit and they look very cool ( asos)

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  • Reply Thomas June 23, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    cool outfits, great photos, keep doing what you do !

  • Reply Ella June 23, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Super, Ralu! Keep up the good work!

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