Loreal Age Perfect Serum!

This is the first age renewal product I’ve ever tried. I chose it because of the Loreal name, and suddenly the skin has a new vitality! L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Serum contains  Natecium and LHA to stimulate surface cell renewal and protects the skin from free radicals. Millions of new cells renew the skin’s surface, leaving the skin vibrant  and renewed. After 1 day, the skin looks hydrated (but just looks, actually in reality needs more time than 1 day), increases elasticity and feels softer. After 1 week, the skin is radiant and refreshed. After 1 month, the skin is luminous, smooth and firm. Every morning and evening, apply 4-5 drops of serum in the palm of your hand. With one finger, dab the serum in small dots over cleansed skin. Smooth the product allover the face, slowly and deeply using the whole surface of your hands. For best results, use this product in combination with Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream and Night Cream in your skin care regimen…this way you’ll receive the expected effect. I didn’t use this cream because I found another miracle one that I will talk about in another post.

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