In a Loving Relationship With My Short Jeans!

I always considered this a sensitive subject, I grew up in the communist times when a pair of jeans were like the holy Grail, people made tremendous sacrifices to achieve one pair. If you had two pairs of jeans at that time, you were either Nadia Comaneci or the president’s daughter. I love them ever since, long or short it doesn’t matter I am so crazy about them that if I go out to buy some yoghurt for instance, I come home with a pair of short jeans :)))
For sure we can talk about that thin invisible line that puts you either on the cool side or worst in the cheesy side when wearing short jeans. If there are some heals envolved, the situation get’s even more nastier and you need to be very careful about the other pieces or about the accessories that compose your outfit, you don’t wanna cross that line!
Every time I wear short jeans I want to keep the outfit cool so the most important is how you style your outfit arround them – they should always be the masterpiece – you decide what the style is every time.
Mine, are from that brand One Teaspoon – I consider them on top of my short jeans choices, they have the coolest short models, and because of their cut, they fit many body types and they don’t look bitchy at all.
This is how I choose to wear them today, with the cap (that it would looked better if it had the logo smaller on a side), a simple 2 sizes bigger T-shirt and some platforms – a very suitable outfit for going shopping at the Mall or spending some time with my girlfriends on a terrace. The colored platforms are, I think, the pieces that put the shorts into value – not because they are unbelievably special but because they are f@#!ng special to me
… and cool. Don’t you think so?

Kiss You,
R. S.

About the products:

Cap: Tommy Hilfiger – as if you couldn’t figure it out because it is written all over it! Why don’t they make smaller logos? More classy/elegant … I don’t like it that much because of this, still I chose it because the colors match and I like the model
Shoes: they are from Diesel designed to be tied on the legs from the knee, down on the calves – no worky, worky! the fabric is very slippery they will come down after some few steps, so save yourself some trouble and tie them directly on your ankle.
T-shirt: a basic piece from H&M, you saw it before in my other outfits (camouflage) I wear it a lot it is comfortable, it matches a lot of combinations and it doesn’t stand out when you want to point out the lower part of the outfits
Short jeans from One Teaspoon


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  • Reply Elly July 28, 2017 at 10:56 am

    Nice outfit ,Ralu .

    • Reply raluca July 28, 2017 at 11:00 am

      thank you,sweetheart!

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