I really like to try new brands and  although I don’t have very high expectations, most of the time I get very disappointed…

The brand I want to tell you about now, has surprised me from all points of view.

MANIERE DE VOIR  – I found them on Instagram and I was attracted by their posts from the first second! The products? What can Isay… I like them very much! I started looking at all the reviews and everything was super positive so I decided to order something from them, more precisely, the jacket you see in the pictures below. Before the jacket arrived I was hit by the size-problem because the brand comes from England and they have UK-measurements rules so it was not clear for me what to choose and if they correspond with the “Find My Size”-Table. I wrote to them on Instagram about what I wanted to order and blah blah with my concerns about the size and where to look…they are super quick and immediately cleared things up for me! 3 seconds later I placed the order and 4 days later I received the package in Romania, very well packed and superfast! The jacket is incredibly well made and very careful about the details. I am super excited that I’ve found this brand and probably by the moment you’re reading this post, I am already placing my next order!

I’ll come back with pictures in another post, until then I want to congratulate this brand for professionalism and product quality!

Kiss you,





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