Miau Miau But In Reality It’s a Leopard!

My outfit !

I am wearing a Vietato dress, from  Expensive Tastes collection . Well the dress who’s not looking that way, I’ve brought some improvements and made two deep side cuts on the side. I feel like it is more me and I can wear it also during the day (without cuts was exclusively an evening gown).

I can not believe I’m wearing a pair of white boots! I have to tell you that up to 2 years ago I did not like white shoes, except for sports shoes, but now I’m crazy and I like everything what is white… boots, sandals, pumps…everythinggggg. You can find something similar here miista.com or missguidedau.com.

The bum bag you’ve seen it in another post, so no need to say again that I love it. You can buy it here.

I would like to tell you something about the baker boy hat, but honestly I do not have much to say. The quality is very bad so I do not recommend it.



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