Miracle Of Denim!

I discovered  Miracle Of Denim last year at the Panorama fair in Berlin. The first thing that caught my attention was the stand (really cool made) and when I walked in and saw the products, I fell in love with them.

Next step was to order a pair of jeans (I usually do not like to order jeans online because I am super pretentious on how they fit me) and they came as expected, they fit perfectly. The price is ok and the quality of the denim is great.

You already know that I usually recommend things that I test myself, so now I can only recommend their jeans.

The pullover is incredibly warm but I bought it for its color and of course I also liked the design.

I hope you like the combination that came out of them!


Kiss you,

R, S

Pullover : Zara

Shoe : here

Belt:  Miracle of Denim-Belts (super quality)

Sunglasses :Gucci

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