My Favorite Denim Jacket Is His Jacket!

My outfit

The jacket I wear is from my sweetheart and I love it.It is from Hugo Boss orange line … the younger and fresh clothing line from them. As I said is my sweetheart’s jacket and because it’s XL  size of course on me it looks like an oversized jacket. I like the quality of the denim fabric.

The dress is from and I think I can count on my fingers how many posts I have on the blog where I do not wear anything from their online shop.

Sandals are from H&M

I love  yellow but since I’m no longer a brunette, it seems to me that I can not wear this color anymore. I do not wear yellow clothes anymore but I can wear accessories. The handbag is from and not only that is super practical but it also has a super price. Check their online shop here

Kiss you



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