Palma De Mallorca

When life gives you lemons … you make Caipirinha…oooooo yesss!!

I travel a lot, both for business and pleasure. I go to the places I dreamed of in my childhood and I mark them off in my imaginary wishlist, one by one, checked! However, my job gave me also the opportunity to visit Europe and some parts of Asia I didn’t know they even existed. Although I have seen half of the World I guess, I decided when I came up with this category in my blog – TRAVEL – that I am not going to write about the usual things that you can find by yourself on Wikipedia or in a travel agency holiday offer. Instead, I will describe the vibes, the emotions and the feelings that those places rewarded me with … let’s call them experiences, I like that better!

I am not that kind of tourist that wakes up at 06 A.M, walks around every single day and wants to see all the monuments, castles, and other recommended sights … nope that’s not me … you‘ll see me lying at the pool most probably with a cocktail or something refreshing, enjoying the sun – and this is exactly what my plan was for Palma de Mallorca! It didn’t work out because the food was not decent at the hotel so we had to search for restaurants all around Alcudia and this is how I discovered this vibrant city in which I saw beauty through art and architecture, through the joy of the locals and their interesting culture. I learned about their street habits of serving Caipirinha in cheap plastic cups and dance in the middle of the crowd if a latino song was on the radio.

I didn’t notice a particular street-style except that whatever you decide to wear it has to be careless & casual, bright & colored, everyone there is so relaxed … This is what I wore while I was enjoying the street charms every evening with a glass of white wine!

Kiss You


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