Plastic Plastic And A Bit Of Leather!

My outfit!!!


Even if it looks like a dress, it’s actually a blouse and a skirt. The skirt is from Zara shop and the blouse is bought from H&M. What i can say, the way I’m dressed now if you put me on fire I have no chance to burn, I have so much plastic on me that I can only melt….aaahahahahahhah … but i like it so much! At least the belt is made of natural leather

And if we’re talking about the belt I want to tell you it’s bought from accenti and it’s a must have.

The cardigan I chose for color, I do not like its material very much but is no problem because it is put over a long sleeve shirt.

About boots and bag I already talked on my blog so I left you the link if you are curious to find out more about them.

Hope you like it!!

Kiss You,


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