A Different Post!

I can not believe I did this! The pictures in this post are made with the selfie stick. I do not know if it’s a good idea but I have a felling that it will not be for the last time…hehe

Sure, it does not compare with the professional photos but for me it was a challenge.

Ok…  let me tell you about the outfit! I’ll start with the skirt – is from the new Bershka collection. I like the material and most of all the animal print which is very actual this season. I chose to match it with a leather jacket and a pair of boots without heels!

The boots are made by order and I am very happy with them. They did not have them regularly for sale, these boots are actually a combination between two pairs.


Kiss you,



Skirt & Sweater: Bershka


Jacket: NewYorker


Boots: Miarma Shoes

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