The Strength That A Pair Of Tom Ford Stiletto Can Give You!

I’ll tell you what I wear even if I just want to write only about The shoes!

The blazer is a piece that I do not like to approach because I do not know how to handle it very well but I am struggling. It is bought from Zara, good quality but what I like the most is that it is very comfortable.

About the t-shirt what can I say … love Levis.

Handbag is from Tamaris and I’m sorry I did not take a picture on how it looks on the inside, even if it is small is very well compartmentalised.

My jeans I adore and are from but unfortunately I have not seen them available so if you like them very much you can find something similar on bershka

Sunglasses – Gucci

DID YOU SEE THEM? Did you? These TOM FORD stilettos are the best options for making a statement, promising to kick up even the most simple and boring outfits. What was once too extravagant and only for couture, has now become an important fact of fashion and the leopard-print is a pattern that can be nominated as a style constant in fashion, making these shoes an   investment …and believe me: they are worth every single penny!

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