End Of August Beginning of Oktoberfest!!!

September 8, 2017


Steal the inspiration and create your own amazing Oktoberfest look, it is so easy because, as I always tell you guys, it is about the ATTITUDE. You can give me a clown’s outfit and I will make it look hot – even easier when wearing a „dirndl” as the cuts are so sexy, most women show quite a bit of cleavage and with the right accessories it is awesome! The staple of a woman’s outfit is a tight fitting Bavarian Dirndl – the traditional dress with an apron tied around it, if you are a virgin you will tie the bow in the middle and if you are single you will tie it on the left side … mine is on the right – I’m taken! Hahahahhahah. The Dirndl blouses are normally white with the cut depending on how much cleavage you want to show (try as much as you can ) but you can always add an extra touch – a trashy, cut T-shirt, a hat, some high heels or even army boots … remember, in the end it is the attitude that makes the outfit! And if you don’t want to go home alone from Oktoberfest you can push the look one level up with these high-cut suede shorts that have suspenders and can be seen as very sexy if you have the legs to pull them off. Sizing isn’t very flexible with „lederhosen” so try them on before you buy. Match them with a man shirt – they are usually white with manual embroidery or coloured with squares. To get the perfect Trachten outfit before you get to Oktoberfest make sure to shop at Stockerpoint. They have the best mixture of modern and traditional outfits highlighted by very detailed Dirndls with bright colors and contemporary patterns. The cool people in Germany buy from Stockerpoint because you can get something unique that you know will last a long time. Outfits range from 99-199 Euros with shipping in Europe around 30 Euros, or you can find this outfits at Oktoberfest Brasov inside the event tent at the souvenir shop.


Ein Prosit!


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  • Reply lau_laurentiu September 18, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    too sexy,i don’t like it

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