You Have To Visit Munich!!

I could have said that I had already visited Münich eight years ago when I went especially for a Shakira concert ( bla, bla don’t jump into conclusions I was young and restless with no taste in music at that time whatsoever). My plan at that time was to get to the old city center right after having a good German breakfast. I still wonder why I chose to serve the first meal of the day at Hard Rock Cafe and why instead of fried eggs I asked for a Strawberry Margarita. Don’t remember much of that day when at 08:00 AM I was so f#@!nk drunk – noah that’s a good tip to put up with a Shakira live concert. :)))
Some years after, here I am once again in the bavarian city, but this time just for visiting and get inspired by the trends and customs of this part of Germany. On this category – Travel – I am going to tell you what fascinated me in every place I have seen, what I find worthy of writing about and nevertheless, what I loved about it.
You know that people there consider themselves first “Bayerische” and then “Germans”? Their sense of belonging to that area is so strong that they almost consider Münich a different country – and they are so proud of their roots wearing all day long the bavarian “trachten” – you see women in “dirndl” dresses and man in “leaderhosen” not only during the Oktoberfest festival, but daily.
This is what I like to find out about the people and the places that I visit, stuff that you can’t find on Wikipedia but only by interacting directly with the culture and the local customs.
I love this town, it is so different from the rest of Germany.
Here is a crazy detail that I bet you didn’t know about the locals – they consider that beer is food not an alcoholic drink and that is why you can drink it for instance on your lunch breack at work. Let’s move to Germany! :)))
I have traveled through all the cities in Germany but I have to be honest – Münich is something else, it is not like any other German city. The buildings are very carefully renovated and they look like a fairytale even if they are over 300 years old. Try to visit a very impressive old building that has been transformed into a traditional restaurant – the Hofbräuhaus where you can drink beer in one liter mugs and try the “haxen mit kraut” ( pork flitch with cabage) it’s yummy!

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  • Reply Volker December 13, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Nice post, great pics. Yes, “we” Bavarians consider ourselfs as somewhat special and feel more Bavarian than German. 🙂 We also consider the rest of Germany – everything north of the river Danube – as Prussia 🙂 Greetz “Lorn Hare”.

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